BILL KIRCHENBAUER (Captain Glucose)

Bill Kirchenbauer HeadshotPicture of Captain Glucose

Actor-Comedian Bill Kirchenbauer is an internationally recognizable face. After appearing on dozens of major television shows: Fernwood ToniteMork & Mindy; Night Court; Growing Pains; etc. ABC created a sit-com tailor made for him, Just The Ten of Us.  From there Bill has gone on to appear in many television shows and films including a starring role in the Rob Reiner film The Story of Us with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. Bill is also a well known stand-up comedian with dozens of appearances on the top television shows including The Tonight Show;The David Letterman Show; and Arsenio Hall. Bill has Type 2 Diabetes.

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Brad Slaight HeadshotPicture of Meter Boy

Brad Slaight is an award winning actor, writer, and comedian. He has appeared on Parks and Recreation; NBC's Funny People; Married, With Children; Unsolved Mysteries; Scream; Freshman Dorm; and a two year costarring role on The Young & the Restless. As a comedian and writer his credits include The Tonight Show; Comic Strip Live; National Lampoon; Evening at the Improv. He is also a world renowned playwright. Brad has had type 1 diabetes for 30 years.

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    LYNN ROBBINS, Executive Producer

    DAN GUNTZELMAN, Director

    ABRAHAM LOPEZ, Graphic Artist

    MARK KADLEC, Graphic Artist

    CARL BRADLEY, Producer


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